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Purchase Visual SIMMOD

Important Pricing Information

You may view the online order form here (pdf). Please print your purchasing information in the fields provided and then fax the completed form to Gregory Bradford ( ) at AirportTools at 1-408-736-5898 in the United States.

AirportTools accepts purchase orders, money orders, checks, and direct wire transfers.


AirportTools can ship a limited time version of the product prior to payment so that you can get started immediately.

Shipping is free. AirportTools normally ships Federal Express4 or other express courier, depending upon availability.

The pricing information for Visual SIMMOD is as follows:

Product Price Units
Visual SIMMOD Software $999.00 / copy US Dollars
Three months free support1 $0.00 / copy Not applicable
Educational pricing2 $0.0 / copy for one.

$25.00 / copy for multiple copies.
US Dollars
Educational support3 $0.0 / copy for any number. As time permits

1 - AirportTools provides six months of free support for Visual SIMMOD starting from the date of shipment. If you decide to purchase an annual support contract for an additional year you will receive 18 months of support in total (6 months provided free plus 12 months paid support).

Support is defined as:

  • Occurring during AirportTools normal business hours 9:00am PST to 5:00pm PST
  • Fixing problems with Visual SIMMOD as they arise. Issues may be forwarded to AirportTools via email, fax, mail, or phone.
  • Bug fixes and program enhancements will be distributed as soon as they are available via AirportTools web site. Bug fixes and program enhancements made for one client will be made available to all users as soon as they are available.
  • All issues must be demonstrable with the current version of Visual SIMMOD.

2 - AirportTools is happy to support educational efforts and every effort is made to accomodate those needs. Materials costs for providing Visual SIMMOD are $20.00 per unit. AirportTools will supply one unit for free, and multiple units (such as for an entire laboratory setup) will be charged at a rate of twenty dollars per unit of Visual SIMMOD delivered.

3 - AirportTools will support educational copies of Visual SIMMOD on a time-permitting basis.

4 - Federal Express is a trademark of the Federal Express Corporation.


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