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 INM automation made Simple

INMBatch gives you what the FAA didn't. You can now run INM (Integrated Noise Model) studies in batch mode using AirportTools' INMBatch program. This capability is particularly useful when your INM studies take a long time to run or you have a lot of different airport configurations in your analysis.

INMBatch makes running INM as easy as picking the INM studies (and cases), exporting the batch file, and going home for the night.

Using advanced windowing capabilities INM becomes a slave to the INMBatch process. Upon execution, INMBatch directs INM to open studies, include cases, and then to run those cases. After INM finishes INMBatch promptly closes INM.

INMBatch is a part of the growing APECS package of aviation software made to make your projects run smoother. INMBatch supports for INM version 6.0 and later is included.

Some of the great features of this program include:

  • Automates the tedious INM running process.
  • Easy to use, just point and click to your INM studies/cases and then run the exported DOS batch file.
  • Allows for unlimited INM studies to be run in sequence.
  • Supports the latest versions of INM, including INM 6.1.
  • Designed to work standalone or to be an integral part of the SIMMOD to INM to INM results process.

If you have an interest in this tool or any other of our great AirportTools' products please feel free to contact Gregory Bradford () for more information.


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