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Do you already have an INM study for your airport? Could you use a tool that takes an INM study and creates SIMMOD data from it?

The INM to SIMMOD Tool does exactly that. Converting an INM study to SIMMOD study data couldn't be easier than with this tool. Some of the relevant capabilities are noted below:

  • INM tracks are converted to the relevant SIMMOD airspace nodes, links and routes.

  • INM runways are converted to the relevant SIMMOD airfield nodes, links and runways.

  • INM annual operations are converted to SIMMOD daily operations.

You do not need to worry about formatting the SIMMOD data, that's all done automatically for you.

After you perform the conversion using the INM to SIMMOD Tool to obtain the SIMMOD runways, routes, and flights you can quickly complete the SIMMOD study using Visual SIMMOD by designating your airport's taxiway and gate configurations.

INM to SIMMOD also supports the export of SIMMOD data in CSV (comma-separated-value) or DBF (dBASE IV) file formats if want to use a third-party SIMMOD data preparation tool.

If you have an interest in this tool or any other of our great AirportTools' products please feel free to contact Gregory Bradford ( ) for more information.


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