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Visual SIMMOD 2D Animator

Product Description

The Visual SIMMOD Animator is a new animation program which incorporates a wide variety of new features and techniques designed to:

  • Reduce your SIMMOD study times.
  • Enhance your understanding of your SIMMOD study.
  • Promote your organization and your study deliverables even after your finished.
  • Work well with SIMMOD and JSIMMOD outputs and INM radar data.

But the best part of the Visual SIMMOD Animator is that it is free. Additionally, you may distribute the Visual SIMMOD Animator with your study data to clients.

Unique capabilities include:

  • Easy to use toolbars with just the buttons you need. Navigator toolbar allows super quick zooming capabilities.
  • Reload SIMMOD data without exiting the program.
  • Import and animate INM radar data from either INM binary or ASCII formatted files.
  • Multiple aerial and satellite photographs may be displayed simultaneously. Photographs may be designated to be displayed only at certain zoom levels, all automatically of course.
  • Aerial and satellite photograph alignment editor.
  • Accurately scaled runway markings on the map graphics window.
  • Scaled Runways Editor allows user input of runway width, threshold distances and runway markings.
  • Curved vehicle paths.
  • Advanced distance monitoring capabilities between aircraft.
  • Vehicles (multiple vehicles as well) may hold on airfield links rather than at nodes, thus greatly enhancing presentation quality.
  • Vehicle Icon Editing tool which allows you to design your own vehicles icons quickly and accurately.
  • A Trade Show Manager which gives the user the ability to script how the Animator should run in an automated fashion.
  • The ability to lock functionalities such as menu items so that casual users and clients are less likely to alter important program settings.
  • Read documentation using built-in help system.
  • Print to the new standard in vector graphics, the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format.
  • Review and edit SVG files using the built-in Batik viewer provided by the Apache Foundation.
  • Advanced AutoCad DXF file import functionality.
  • Logically designed program preferences which are applied or saved per the user's instructions.
  • The capability to automatically load a previously accessed SIMMOD application into memory on program start-up if desired.
  • Displays graphical data in any one of the following three map projections:
    • Unprojected latitude and longitude - Considers longitudes and latitudes to be XY coordinates.
    • INM Compatible Projection - Duplicates the INM methodology for displaying map graphics. Allows for highly accurate maps within 100 miles of the study center.
    • Miller Equidistant Projection - A varient of the well-known Mercator projection.

Multiple Aerial Photos

Smoothly Curved Taxipaths

Animated Queue Passing (AVI Video)

Aircraft hold on links.

Accurately Scaled Runway Markings


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